When I was 15 years old, I got a job at a local pizza restaurant. Within a few weeks of working there, I was immediately hooked to the idea of using business as a way of connecting to other humans. Every shift I looked forward to seeing familiar faces of our customers, many of which would enter with a smile, once realizing I was a familiar face as well. In doing so, I begun to have internal thoughts about using the experience at the restaurant and applying it to a business of my own. This birthed Johnny's Mobile Detail. An inherently simple business, which allowed me to exercise the passion I had in building relationships through work, by providing a service which truly made the life of my clients easier. On the outside looking in, I was cleaning dog hair and crumbs out of cars. From my perspective, I resonated with the fact that by completing these cleanings at the clients homes, I afforded them the ability to not go to a shop, and rather spend time with family or enjoying the comfort of their own home. After three years of growing JMD, I again questioned what more I could offer. I was able to grow JMD to a size which left me with two options: go all-in, or continue to something with more of an impact. I decided to do the latter, and did everything in my power to be able to get in front of decision makers, and business owners, taking on any work that they needed done. From building websites to creating marketing campaigns, I became a general contractor of such for early stage businesses with gaps in their offerings. Now, Virtue stands as a partnering business, looking to assist in bringing forth impactful solutions towards unaddressed problems.