When I was 15 years old, I got a Job at a local pizza restaurant. Within a few weeks of working there, I was immediately hooked to the idea of using business as a way of connecting to other humans. Every shift I looked forward to seeing familiar faces of our customers, many of which would enter with a smile, once realizing I was a familiar face as well. In doing so, I begun to have conversations surrounding the idea of maximizing value for their customers whom I interacted with. One way which seemed fit was by removing the chain of people/expenses between the customers and me. This process birthed my very first "venture", Johnny's Mobile Detail. An inherently simple business, which allowed me to exercise the passion I had in building relationships through work, by providing a service which truly made the life of my clients easier. On the outside looking in, I was cleaning dog hair and crumbs out of cars. From my perspective, I understood and resonated with the fact that by completing these cleanings at the clients homes, I afforded them the ability to not go to a shop, and rather spend time with family, doing what they loved, enjoying the comfort of their own home, or all of the above. After becoming swamped with work, I realized that I had unlocked a key necessary to growing any business. By leveraging a personable approach with my customers combined with new-era marketing, I was able to key in on the exact clients I was trying to target. My job started to become more and more exciting, as the impact that using business as a vessel to make lives better became realized. Through meeting tons of business owners and passionate founders with strong stories in the process, I realized that the practice of using this style of business development was underutilized by many. This year, I am proud to announce we have been able to work with founders affecting change in the Covid-19 Pandemic, a start-up with the goal to make fundraising easier for non-profits, and a group of founders who are making income more accessible for those with highly valued, yet under leveraged skills, among other brands with missions and values that we resonate with. 5 years and a lot of trial and error later, Virtue Marketing Group stands as a passion project turned business, looking to assist others in bringing impactful solutions to a world in dire need of more love, empathy, and compassion.